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International Jazz Day Ohio is presented by the Columbus Jazz Alliance, (CJA), a nonprofit organization, along with its 24 hour Jazz radio station, Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX.

CJA is an organization whose volunteers and supporters are musicians and non-musicians, essentially art and jazz music enthusiasts that enjoy jazz and are interested in promoting jazz performances and education.

Ohio has been the home of many jazz musicians, historians, educators, supporters and those that appreciate the wonderful art of Jazz.

Columbus Jazz Alliance is an organization dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness. In order for there to be a vibrant jazz music entertainment community, performance opportunities and equal access to these opportunities must exist and should not be controlled by any one entity or group.  Recognizing, respecting and honoring the contributions of our musicians before and after their death is necessary to keep the pipeline full of future musicians and the art of jazz alive. Jazz Appreciation Month and the International Jazz Day celebration plays an important role in accomplishing this.

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