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Please consider becoming a member today. Your membership dues and merchandise purchases enable us to
organize festivals, sponsors shows, reach out to the local community, send representatives to the various Jazz Festivals, coordinate our volunteers and pay our operating expenses.

What do I get for becoming a member/why should I join? Joining or becoming a CJA member gives you the
benefit of being associated with like minded jazz lovers as well as with a diverse group willing to help you
cultivate and build relationships with others that truly support, educate, introduce and share their knowledge,
expertise and opportunities with you.

In addition, here are some practical and tangible things you get with your membership: 

  A Membership Card (with your name, renewal date, and member since date)
  Discounted Merchandise
  Discounted Membership Radio Underwriting Messages
  Discounted Admission to MOST CJA Concerts & CJA Events
  Discounted Admission to CJA Partner Concerts & Events
  Columbus Jazz Alliance and Jazz 98.5 FM Jazz Brew Newsletter
  Affiliated Musician Services & Preferred Performance Opportunities

The best reason of all is that by being or becoming a member, you’re helping us fulfill our mission and goal of
maintaining the history and legacy of jazz while ensuring that the art of jazz music & culture doesn’t fade away,
and that it will always be kept alive for the generations to come!

If you wish to become a member of CJA, send your check along with your name, address, phone number, and if available, your email address to the CJA address below. The annual dues are $25 for individuals, $15 for students.

         Mail to:   Columbus Jazz Alliance
       P.O. Box 13682
       Columbus, Ohio 43213

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         You're welcome to add a tax-deductible contribution in excess of your dues.

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