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Sax Entertainment Music Academy Announces Its
"Give Back and Pay Forward Music Arts Initiative" Scholarship Program

In September 2010, we first announced this special partner project with the Columbus City Schools.   As concerned parents and educators, we realized that there were a number of school age children that had musical talent who participated in school music programs yet didn't have the opportunity to increase their musical skills through private music lessons.

In conjunction with the Columbus City Schools, we created the Give Back and Pay Forward Music Arts Initiative”, which provides reduced fee, partial and full music scholarships for private vocal and instrumental music lessons to students that qualify and elect to participate in such a program.  The program was solely provided by the compassionate giving of our staff.

Originally, students from 13 schools were selected to participate in the program.  Today, we continue this tradition of providing free private lessons to students and have had students from other Columbus schools participate.  Lessons originally were offered to students from the following schools:

  • Beechcroft High School
  • Brookhaven High School
  • Columbus Global Academy
  • Linden McKinley High School
  • Como Elementary School
  • Huy Elementary School
  • Hamilton STEM Elementary School
  • Linden STEM Elementary School
  • Maize Elementary School
  • Medina Middle School
  • North Linden Elementary School
  • South Mifflin STEM Elementary School
  • Windsor STEM Elementary School

The following article was written and published Wednesday, September 29, 2010 in the Clintonville and Northland edition of This Week Community Newspapers.

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